New Windows

I  n the summer of 2013, the chapter house windows were replaced. This is the first whole sale replacement of the windows that came with the house in 1989, and should prove to be much more energy efficient. The original plan for the house called for what was at the time the highest level energy efficiency rating, but due to an error, they were never installed. As a result, the windows in the house had always been lesser than had been intended by the architect.

The old windows were also beset by problems from wear and tear of over twenty years of use, and some had come top open or close with great difficulty, causing loss of heat or cool air during the summer or winter months. A contractor had been employed to fix sashes, panes, frames, and other issues on a yearly basis since 2005, however every year the cost grew higher and higher as more and more required further attention.

The new windows will hopefully be in place for years to come at the chapter house.

Total Cost: $20,000
Duration: 2 Weeks
Status: Funded, Finished, July 2013
Funding Source: Private Donation and House Funds

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