Projects and Recent Efforts
W  e thank you very much for considering making a donation to our chapter!  Our members give generously of their time and money each year to make the house and its programs a great place to live. We’re always very grateful for any donations you might consider, in addition we encourage you to become an active member of the housing association.

We set goals as alumni, with input from the active chapter, for projects in and around the house. We prioritize projects after reviewing the house and its systems, and you can see the projects below, as well as their priority. Some projects are funded out of the general accounts and revenues generated from the operation of the house, and other projects we’d like to fund, but have had other priorities, although there may be an urgent need.

Please consider any of the below projects for your generosity.

Recent Projects




Raise the Roof


$2,150 of $30,000 raised